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AGRIBUSINESS NEWS Agri-Business News (ABN) is one of the biggest agriculture magazines on the Zambian market that seeks to inform farmers and would be farmers, agribusiness players, government, the donor community, purveyors and individual entities about agriculture developments taking place in and around Zambia and beyond so that they make informed decisions.

Established in October 2013, the ABN magazine has found firm ground as an agribusiness magazine, which tells the farmer's story beyond the story and educates farmers on how to carry on with their business of farming. Initially the magazine was a monthly publication with a monthly print-run of 4, 000 copies which were circulated country-wide through AKINE DISTRIBUTORS to all major outlets; Spar, Pick N Pay, Shoprite Checkers, various Agro shops dotted around the country to mention but a few. 

The magazine has since rebranded is online on “www.agribusinessnews.co”. The publication major audience include but is not limited to all government line ministries, diplomatic community, financial institutions, agribusiness entities, non-governmental organizations, commercial, emergent, small scale farmers and the corporate world. The ABN magazine carries 80 per cent local agriculture news content, which includes farm visits, agricultural news features and Climate Change while also including a small percent of international content. The magazine also embraces coverage of agro-tourism and latest economic trends that have a direct bearing on the Zambian market. 


 The magazine plays an important role as a reference point that influences policy direction of the agriculture sector. It is also a source of critical information for scholars and academicians. The magazine also provides information tailored at assisting different categories of farming enterprises through well researched articles by professional writers and article contributors. With a country-wide and International foot print, advertisers with ABN magazine have the opportunity be seen by the readership that accesses it. 

This in turn would help the advertisers' business portfolio to grow. Our advertising rates are highly competitive, and the magazine ensures clients get value for their money by not only enjoying huge visibility, but also high magazine quality. The ABN magazine is run by an indigenous mix of experienced and young Zambians, with various professional backgrounds.

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